Parking spaces

As a resident in one of our customer companies you can contact our customer service point for information about available parking spaces.

It is a good idea to phone us to find out if there are any parking spaces available. If the housing company has no parking spaces available you can join a waiting list.

Parking spaces are subject to a written agreement with a notice period of one calendar month. If you wish to terminate the agreement you should do so in writing. This also applies if you are moving out.

You will receive keys to electrical outlets for car heating systems or garages after you have paid a deposit to our customer service point. If you have signed a rental contract for a parking space directly with the property´s owner, you must show us the contract when you come to collect your keys. Remember to return your keys when you no longer need your parking space.

You will be charged a utility charge for the parking space as set out in the housing company´s budget. The utility charge will be charged along with the rent or service charge for your home. If you have any questions about utility charges, you can contact our service charge unit directly. You can also contact your property manager´s rent supervision service.

Matters pertaining to renting and terminating the rental of parking spaces belonging to Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy are handled within your housing company. The contact details of the people responsible for parking spaces are displayed on your housing company´s noticeboard. Each housing company makes its own decisions on the rent and the basis for allocating parking spaces.

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