ISA authorization and other certifications

In addition to the ISA audit, which is conducted every three years, Matinkylän Huolto Oy's operations are evaluated annually by external independent parties.

The certifications issued for Matinkylän Huolto Oy based on these evaluations are a confirmation of reliability, our financial condition as well as the values of our operating culture and principles that we follow in our daily work.

ISA authorization

ISA authorization can only be issued for a company that meets specific authorization criteria. Authorization involves an audit of the company's operating performed by DNV GL Business Assurance Finland Oy every three years.

ISA authorized company:
1. Follows the ethical directions of real estate management.
2. Commits to the ISA supervision methods.
3. Is regularly audited.
4. Follows consistent practises in the entire company or group and shows this by documenting the practises mentioned down below.

See our ISA certificate here.


The Good real estate managing method and the ethical directions of real estate management

Authorized real estate managers and real estate management companies have committed to follow so-called good real estate manging method (HIT). These companies make sure that their employees know as well as follow all the dos and dont's in their daily work. It is also essential for the customer housing companies to know and understand these ethical guidelines of real estate management.

See The Good real estate managing method - ethical directions of real estate management here.

See Matinkylän Huolto Oy's ethical directions here.


AAA-credit rating 

AAA-credit rating categorizes the company in seven different rating classes. The requirements for the highest credit ratings are better-than-average economic indicators, positive background and payment behavior and also the sufficient volume of the companys operations. The highest rating a company can hold is AAA. 

You can find our AAA-credit rating from here.


High flyers

Alma Talent analyses Finnish companies's success with annually adjusted financial statements. In the high flyer ranking each company's ability to pay is scored according to many different statistics. From every sector the company receives points in its own size class. The points are compared to every company in the Alma Talent Information Service database and to other companies in the company's industry.

You can find our High flyers certificate from here.


Finland's strongest platinum

Finlands strongest platinum certificate is awarded to a company that has had the highest credit rating (AA+ or AAA) for minimum three years straight.

You can find our Finland's strongest platinum certificate from here.


Key Flag Symbol

Key flag symbol can be awarded to a Finnish service. When awarding the license for using the key flag symbol to a service the service has to full fill the requirements below:

  • The service has been produced in Finland
  • The minimum domestic content of the break-even cost of the service is 50 percent
  • The applicant organisation has significant domestic ownership and its management is located in Finland.
  • The applicant organisation’s head office is located in Finland.

You can find our Key flag symbol from here.