Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy

Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy

Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy


Ruusuparkki's parking lots' extension will start on 14.12.2020

There are 60 parking lots at Säterinpuistontie: map and aerial photograph

There are 20 parking lots at sand field next to the Ruusutorppa's school: map and aerial photograph

The end of the job will be announced separately.

To inform the customers:

  • Renting and terminating of parking spaces will be handled by in housing cooperatives.
    • The contact information of persons responsible about parking spaces are to be found on the notice board of the housing cooperative.
    • The housing cooperatives decide independently on the amount of rent and the criteria for allocating the parking spaces.
  • Loss or breakage of the parking permit or pass
    • Contact the person who rented you the parking space. They are usually the property management office of your own housing cooperative.
    • The tenant of the parking space or the tenant's representative orders a new P-code or pass and hands it over to the user of the space
    • Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy charges the housing cooperative for the new parking permit and pass at the valid price determined by the board of directors of Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy at the time
  • Parking
    • Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy's parking spaces are in shared use so anyone who has a valid parking permit is able to park in any free parking space available. The charging points for electric cars are meant only for cars requiring charging point. In addition to the parking permit the user of a charging point has to have an agreement with the service provider IGL-Technologies Oy / e-Tolppa.

Property maintenance 
Tapiolan Lämpö Oy

Phone: 020 310 310 (24h/7)
Address: Kalevalantie 5, 02130 Espoo

Map for the parking lots (pdf, link below)


Ruusutorpanluola 4
Photograph from the entrance

Ruusutorpanluola 6
Photograph from the entrance

Sähköautojen latauspisteet
Säterinkatu's and Tersmedeninpolku's parking lots 4pcs
Parking lots Ruusuparkki 6pcs 
Bertel Jungin aukio 4pcs 



Notification 9.12.2020

Leppävaaran Pysäköinti Oy notifies:
Ruusuparkki's parking lots extension will start on 14.12.2020

More information is found above.

Notification 20.6.2019

Vandalism in the parking garage. 

We ask the users of the parking garage to pay attention to people who are in the garage improperly. Please inform the police about any seen vandalism and things related. Remember that unjustified triggering of fire alarms is a crime as well. 


Real Estate Management:
Matinkylän Huolto Oy
Gräsantörmä 2
02200 ESPOO